Your dog can be great company for hiking if you contain it. This will prevent it from straying saving you the energy of looking for it. Of course, you will need a leash, but there is more to that. Consider having a doggie backpack for hiking. It will help you carry your dog through paths that you think are harsh for it. That is why this review provides you four backpacks to consider for a more fulfilling hiking experience.

a. Ruffit

If you are looking for a backpack suitable for the back and the front, Ruffit is what to buy. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for hiking on rough terrain that needs more of your energy. Besides, it is spacious to ensure your pet fits well. 

The design ensures your dog is safe and you have an easy time moving around. Durability is another element that makes this brand a joy for many users. You can also hand wash the backpack for hygiene purposes. 


There are several things to like about this make. First, it is comfortable for the dog ensuring it does not disturb you as you hike. It is also easy to use, so you save more time as a dog backpack for hiking The durable material used in making it ensures you get value for your money. It is easy maintaining the bag as it is easy to wash. The padded dog straps offer more comfort than other bags.


· Limited size; only fits dogs 18inches across the back and below.

· Cannot handle dogs weighing more than 25lbs.

b. AerWo dog backpack

If you are looking for a bag with breathable nature, well this one has you covered. It’s mesh fabric that ensures enough aeration for your pet. Do not worry; there is an opening for your dog’s head, which is adjustable. 

The straps on this backpack offer you comfort as you carry your friend since they distribute the weight making it light. Your pet cannot get out of the pack because it is designed to prevent that. 

The major benefit of this brand is that you carry your pet on your chest, not the back. This way you have a clear look unlike when you wear it on your back. It is also suitable for several sizes of dogs due to the adjustable opening. 


· The front facing carrier may not work well for some users.

· Cannot carry on your back.

c. Cade Outdoor 

The Cade Outdoor comes with adjustable straps to offer you more comfort. With such a feature, you can always readjust them to make them tight or loose enough for your pet. It also has extra space for you to pack food, water and other things that your dog may need as you go hiking. This will ensure your friend has enough energy for the hike. It is bad when you stop to eat and leave your dog hungry.


You gain several things from this model. For example, it is trendy if you are the type that likes to be in style. Besides, washing the backpack is no big deal, and it will be long before you go to the store to get another pack.


· Extra care required for the straps; they may accidentally snap.

· The base is not that strong.

d. Double Decker Backpack

The double decker backpack is an interesting one. Anything that has the word double in its name is better than single items. You carry your dog in the top Decker and its necessities in the bottom one. This way, you do not need different backpacks to take your dog and its food, water, and leash. 

It has a compact, well-built base for safety. The meshed parts ensure the part of your dog inside the pack breath well. The air circulation also keeps it smelling fresh. You do not want odor.


It is a great pack for hiking light despite its double construction. It offers more comfort thanks to the straps and belt around your waist than other packs. The belt provides more reinforcement thus easier hiking.


· It could be heavier considering the weight of the pet and its items.

· Suitable for adults.

Doggie backpacks for hiking are essential ways to take care of your pet as you walk through the woods and terrain. They will help you hike more easily and keep your pet safe from danger such as wild animals.


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