If you want a puppy that is going to be small and cute and would fit so well with the limited amount of space that is present in your home, then you will really like the idea of having a Pomeranian. They are cute and they are cuddly. At three to seven pounds of adorable fluff, they are going to be such cute furballs that would be running around your home.

As a first-time dog owner, though, you understand that this is a huge responsibility that you are taking on. Naturally, you want to see to it that you are taking it seriously since you do want to take better care of the pom that you are taking home, you want to see to it that you have learned some important facts about it and about the breed ahead of time.

Groom it regularly

You will find that for such a little dog, it requires proper grooming on the regular basis. You need to remember that this is a very fluffy puppy that you are getting and you will certainly want to make sure that e is going to be in a situation where his fur gets matted or tangled as what will usually happen if you end up with getting him groomed for a long time.

Regular grooming is also a good way of ensuring that his hair is not going to take over your house especially at the spring time when he is likely to shed his hair. Also, he so not really requires regular bathing most experts would recommend three or four times a year bath and he should be alright.

Feed him right

You will want to make sure that you are only giving him the high quality of dog food. A tiny dog like the Pom does not require a lot of food. But it is important that you are feeding him with food that ensures that there is balanced nutrition. Its daily ration should be fed to him on a twice or thrice daily basis. It is important to remember that overfeeding can become a problem with Poms. So, watching what he eats and how much he is eating is indeed very important.

Regular exercise and training

Just like any other dog, Poms will need to be trained as well. Proper training ensures that they are only able to exhibit the right behaviors, either with other dogs or with you. It is when dogs are not amply trained that they are likely to end up exhibiting behavioral problems as a result.

They need regular exercise too. The pooch may be quite small, but they are one of those dogs that are considered athletic. They need to find an outlet to get all that energy out and a good way of doing so is making sure that they are exercised on the regular. Allowing them to play outside or taking them for everyday walks would indeed do them a lot of good.

Also, poms are the type of dogs that need to be in a pack. So, it is always very important that you have a companion for them if you will decide to get one for your home. You could even choose a companion for your Pomeranian from this list of top dog breeds in America.

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