Many dog owners are fond of buying their pets with popular dog toys. With dogs having the tendency to just about chew anything and everything that they will find littering about, it is best to give them actual toys, safe toys, that they can chew and play on around the house. With the market offering so many choices as far as toys are concerned it helps a lot when one knows how to shop for the best kind.


Go for ones that are indestructible

You will want to get toys that are going to be impossible for the dog to destroy. Remember that they do tend to have strong teeth and even stronger grip with their jaws. So, a toy that is made of nylon or rubber may be a really excellent choice for this purpose. See to it that these are toys where no large chunks can easily be broken off too. If there are parts that do so, they need to be discarded, as they may pose a choking hazard.

Keep an eye on toys with ropes

While it is true that toys at are connected to these ropes may be alright for a certain period of time, after much playing, the rope may no longer be as sturdy and hence, might break off. Keep an eye on this and make sure that you remove it once it does to avoid injuries and other related incidents.

Be wary of toys with bells on them

It is common for many dog toy makers to come up the items that have bells inside them or those that have squeakers. This is not always a good idea since the sound is what will likely cause the dog to get attracted to the toy and will even try to destroy it to get to the source of the sound. Worst, they might swallow it. So, to avoid choking incidents better go of the bell-less kind. These are perfect gifts for dog lovers.

Check or tears and rips

You are going to need to check if the toys are well constructed. This is especially true for plushies. You will want to make sure that there are tears or rips n them where the fillings might get out. If you have toys like these at home and you can see at there are already rips that are evident to the naked eye, then it is high time that you will consider getting your dog a new one.

Make sure to find the right size

You do have to make sure that the size of the toy is going to be appropriate for the size of your dog. You will want to avoid those that are way too small as they will be a danger of getting swallowed thereby, choking your dog. You will definitely want to avoid those toys that are sized way too big as well. If it is too large, it might require way too much effort for your dog to play with it. That just defeats that purpose of getting him such a toy.

As always, safety should be crucial too and see to it that the toys are reasonably priced as well.

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